Triumph Herald 13/60

Triumph Herald vitesse 13/60 convertible for hire in devon

Manufactured: 1969
Colour: white
Engine: 1296
Fuel: Unleaded
Transmission: 4 speed Weather equipment: hood and frame

Ring 07918 715039 for details or click here for email

The Michelotti designed Herald was a huge success for Triumph and the model range included a saloon, coupe, estate (my dad had one) a van and a convertible. The 13/60 was the last devolpment giving more power than the 1200 but not quite as thirsty and tail end happy as the more powerful Vitesse. The 13/60 makes the ideal classic touring car having decent sized back seats (our car had lap belts) and a good sized boot for the picnic and the bits you are bound to buy on your travels. Being white our Herald 13/60 also makes a great classic wedding car having enough room inside for the bride and groom either chauffeur driven or self drive.

Day Rate 9am to 6pm
3 days
7 days
Additional driver/day
Minimum Age

Things you need to know

The Triumph is not available for single day hire at the weekend.
The minimum age for insurance is 25. The Herald has lap belts in the back, these will not work for child seats.

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