1965 Zodiac MKIII

Ford Zodiac Mk3 white wedding car for hire in devon

Manufactured: 1965
Colour: White
Engine: 2.5 litre strainght 6
Transmission: Automatic
Audio:Radio/8 Track player




Ring 07918715039 or 01889 504040 for details or click here for email

Lavish amounts of chrome, fins and jet plane lines clearly show the American influence on European car styling in the 60's and the Zodiac certainly looks the part. The Zodiac was the top of the range executive express in the 1960's - the car occupying the top spot in the company car park.

The Zodiac pre dates seat belts and large bench seats both front and back mean plenty of room up to 6 so the whole clan can travel in classic 60's style.

Day Rate 9am to 6pm
3 days
7 days
Additional driver/day
Minimum Age
Chauffeur Driven Only at 80/hour see **

Things you need to know
** The Zodiac is primarily for chauffeur driven weddings. However we can arrange linited self drive hire on a week day for local events. Please call 07918 715 039 for details.