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About us

About Self Drive Classics

Self Drive Classics is a small, independent, family business run by Steve.

About Steve

“In 2004 I turned my back on my career as an IT director and took a giant leap into the unknown, to follow my dream of turning my passion for beautiful classic cars into my daily business. At the time I set up a classic car hire business and worked with others to restore and maintain a fleet of classic cars.

At the end of 2015 I took another giant leap and moved from Staffordshire to South Devon and set up Devon Classic Wedding Cars for my classic wedding carriages and Self Drive Classics for those who want to get behind the wheel. It was so very rewarding to be able to make people’s dreams come true, on their holiday or special day. 

Now for 2019 I have decided to concentrate on the bits I enjoy the most – working on these beautiful old cars. Now we have opened up our workshop to like minded enthusiasts and I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty keeping classics on the country lanes of Devon.”

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