MG TF 1500

Manufactured: 1955
Engine: 1500
Fuel: Unleaded plus additive
Transmission: 4 speed
Weather equipment: Soft top and side screens

CarDay Rate2 Day Rate3 Day Rate7 Day RateAdditional driver per dayMin. age to hireInsurance Excess
MG TF225420600120030301000

The wonderful MG TF is now widely regarded as the most graceful and desirable of all the T-Series MG’s. Better brakes, improved interior and a more powerful engine make the TF a safer and more enjoyable drive that it’s predecessors, even on today’s roads. Just sitting behind the wheel and looking from the octagonal dials down the long bonnet and over those beautifully sculptured wings, takes you back to a time of endless summers and real driving pleasure. Don’t forget to bring you hat, scarf a goggles – Tally Ho!