Morris Minor 1000

Self Drive Classic Car Hire, Plymouth, Ivybridge, South Hams, Devon, South West.

Manufactured: 1969
Colour: Old English White
Engine: 998cc
Fuel: Unleaded
Transmission: 4 speed
Weather equipment: hood and frame

CarDay Rate2 Day Rate3 Day Rate7 Day RateAdditional driver per dayMin. age to hireInsurance Excess
Morris Minor1302403256502025500
Chauffeur DrivenPrice per Hour (min 3.5 hrs)
Morris Minor£80

Germany has the VW Beetle, but Britain has the Morris Minor. As a true people’s car, it was well designed, dependable and affordable. For years it was a best seller and still has a passionate following today. Designed by the great Alec Issigonis, production ran from 1948 to 1971 making the ‘Moggie’ one of the longest lived British production cars. Its rack and pinion steering and torsion bar independent suspension gave great handling and ride comfort, especially when compared to the pre-war designs the British had been used to. As a convertible, saloon, van or traveller the Morris Minor remains one of the best loved British classic cars.

Things you need to know

The Morris Minor is not availabe for single day hire at the weekend.
The minimum age for insurance is 25.
The ‘Moggie’ has seat belts in the front but not in the back.