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Manufactured: 1989
Engine: 2800
Fuel: Unleaded
Transmission: 5 speed
Weather equipment: Targa style roof

CarDay Rate2 Day Rate3 Day Rate7 Day RateAdditional driverMin. age to hireInsurance Excess
TVR S1 15028540080030/hire30500

I am a big fan of TVR’s. Whilst most Italian exotica looks at home cruising the casino’s in Monaco TVR’s of the period looked more at home on the front row at Twickernam snarling at the opposition.

The S1 was the first of the Peter Wheeler cars from the mid 80’s when he took over the company, ditched the trendy wedge shapes and went back to classic looking British bruisers. The basic TVR philosophy remained, spaceframe chassis, light body plenty of power and a great soundtrack. Add Wheeler’s talent for design both inside out and you have a great traditional British sports car.

Not for the faint of heart or shrinking violets, our TVR S1 is the petrolhead’s way of enjoying South Devon!



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