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30th October 2017

Classic Winter Motoring

People often ask we if close our door for the winter.

Well, we believe in the old classic car way – if it’s not snowing or pouring rain get the roof down and have some fun!

There is nothing like driving a classic on a bright clear crisp winters day around the country lanes of South Hams, Classic cars love this weather, clean cool air so no chance of overheating, cool air for the carbs and brakes you can tell they have a little extra zip.

Of course, we would not let a car go out on hire if it is dangerous. Remember old classic do not have ABS/TC/PAS and all the gadgets that cocoon the modern driver and keep you from a real driving experience. But pick the right day, wrap up warm (we have a collection of suitable hats, scarves and gloves) and enjoy classic winter motoring.

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