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17th February 2018

Epic TVR Roadtrip!

Well done to local petrolhead Ben Coombs who made national headlines having completed an epic 20,000 mile road trip in his TVR Chimaera from the worlds most northerly pub in Norway to the world most southerly pub in Chile. Ben said he had the idea whilst having a pint in a pub on Dartmoor. Ben’s 7 month journey has taken him cross Europe, America and though South America. Despite TVR’s reputation for questionable reliability the only mechanical stop off was for a clutch otherwise Ben’s TVR performed brilliantly on all road surfaces and in all climates.

I have always been a fan of TVR having owned a few myself. They are great drivers cars, no electronic driver assistance (less to go wrong), with a great soundtrack.

Whilst we may not be able to offer a round the world pub crawl you can enjoy the TVR experience with out loud and proud TVR S1. Who knows, maybe a drive in our TVR over Dartmoor just might inspire you…

tvr s1 for hire

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