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Service Repair and Restoration

Service and Repair

Having restored and maintained our own fleet of classic cars for the past 14 years we can say with confidence that we do know how to look after older cars. From a simple check over and oil change or a full service (tappets, timing and carbs) to suspension, engine and body and chassis welding repairs, we have had to do it all to keep our fleet in tip top condition. We specialize in the cars we know best MGB and Midget, Morris Minors , Triumph spitfire, Herald and Vitesse. So if your classic needs a little TLC then give us a call of drop in to our workshop at Wrangaton.


Major repairs and full restorations can be a daunting task and as most classics rust from the inside out what may look like a simple repair on the outside could hide a horror story behind. We have restored a number of MG’s, Triumphs and Moggie over the years working with complete basket cases as well as cars that can provide quite a solid starting point. We have always gone with a principle that if you do it right then you will not need to do it again for a long time. This is particularly true with bodywork, how many times have we seen new panels tacked onto the top of old ones instead of cutting out the rust and panels fitted with no rust protection or simply a few drain holes where needed.

If you are looking to put your classic back on the road come along a talk to us 07918715039

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