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17th December 2017

Triumph Spitfire almost ready to fly!

Our Mk3 Triumph Spitfire restoration project is finally looking like a car and we can see light at the end of what has been a long a difficult tunnel! I am a big believer in doing things properly first time then I know its right and I don’t have to do it again in a few months time. Often this means a project will take longer than I planned – I am always way to optimistic on timing – but I am happier with the finished product. I had the engine running on the Spitfire last Christmas and I hoped to have it available for hire this year – just didn’t quite make it.

As you can see all of the major work is now done, the Spitfire needs a new roof and some other bits and bobs and then its ready for road testing.

The Next project is an MGB Roadster but I’m not going to say when that will be ready for hire!

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For more information you can contact me directly on 07918715039.

Mk3 Spitfire

Mk 3 spitfire restoration

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